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Right now in Africa there are people actually dying because they do not have access to clean water. Not just a few people, thousands of people, many of them infants and young children. Mud Love has decided to do something about this and so we have decided to feature them as our Activist of the Month! Mud Love makes beautiful and inspiring wearable items and ornaments which they sell. When they do they contribute toward the building of clean water wells in Africa with every sale. Watch the video and then visit their site and get some Mud Love on TODAY! We are SO very proud of you Mud Love! Keep up the outstanding work. Now our 50,000 visitors a month know all about you!


"We buy 'em; you fly 'em" were the words used to start the Authentic Earth Flag giveaway announced by the Medford, Wisconsin Star News a week ago. The program which was to run through October 6th has already exceeded its goal of placing $325 worth of Earth flags into the hands of environmentally conscious Taylor County residents. According to Earth Flag spokesman Hank Waxman, the company received requests for over $500 worth of flags as of August 15th, and has decided to honor all of them despite the fact that the gifting exceeds the anonymous donation that initiated the program. "On behalf of the donor, we want to thank the residents of Taylor County who are helping to spread a hope "for Peace and the Environment" in the county by flying the Earth Flags" Waxman concluded.

NEW ITEM ALERT - Desktop Authentic Earth Flag

Attention Friends of the EarthFlag, please help us decide! Due to an overage on a recent custom Earth Flag order we have a small supply of 4”x6” Earth Desk Flags mounted on sticks. We’d like to know if this is something you think we should stock for future customers. We expect delivery soon, and there will only be 25 available for sale right now, so your opinion is worth more to us than anything else. So either click the buy now button to order one or contact us using the contact us link above and let us know what you think. Thanks for caring about the Earth, and for choosing the Authentic Earth Flag as a demonstration of your loyalty.

Earth Flag Goes to Sea

Recently, renowned SunTime Film Videographer Colin Sternagel has informed us that he is on a tour of the Pacific documenting the incredible diversity in the Pacific Island Reef Systems. He sent us this shot of his 80 foot luxury yacht the "Ke Ama II" flying The Authentic Earth Flag! Imagine what it must be like to be out in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean filming the diversity of wildlife both above and below the waves. Our Big Blue Marble is so wonderful! We wanted to give a big shout out to Colin and encourage him to keep doing what he is doing for our wonderful Big Blue Marble! Mother Earth is VERY proud of you and so are we! If you would like to see his video CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT ON EARTH FLAG TV!

Champion Racer and Environmentalist David Brabham Flies The Earth Flag!

David Brabham is one of the most accomplished racers of his generation, with a Formula One ride in the early 1990s followed by victories at LeMans and Sebring and an American Le Mans Series championship last year. Well traveled and worldly wise, Brabham was born in England, raised in Australia and has competed everywhere in between. Brabham, 44, is a big picture kind-of-guy who is as passionate in raising money to fight malaria as he is dedicated to his successful racing career. He could be driving a Ferrari around town, but chooses the more efficient Volkswagen Golf. On his driver's suit, where most drivers wear a flag representing their home country, Brabham instead has a patch of the planet Earth. "We are human beings, we don't belong to a country, we all live on the planet Earth. ... it just works for me to think that way,'' he explained. So it will surprise few who know him, that one summer day six years ago -- back before it was Hollywood hip or politically correct or even considered racing reasonable -- Brabham sat down and composed a letter to American Le Mans Series founder Don Panoz and series president Scott Atherton asking them to help make the sport of auto racing more "green."

Brabham implored the two powerful men to be aware of the growing problems of global warming and carbon emissions and consider how racing has contributed to the problem. More importantly, he wanted racing to start contributing to a solution. ".... Because the illusions we have created for ourselves have made our emotions too strong in the path we are going, I would like to see motor racing take the plunge and change its thinking about the way it goes about racing,'' Brabham wrote. So as Brabham suits up for the ALMS sports car opener Saturday, the historic Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring -- at the same track where his legendary father, Sir Jack Brabham clinched the 1959 Formula One title -- he can take great pride in knowing that his concerns are being addressed. He's helped motivate the American Le Mans Series to be a leader in environmentally conscious racing.

"The letter came from the heart and anything that comes from the heart has a lot of power with it,'' said Brabham, who will steer the No. 1 Honda factory ARX 01c prototype for the Patron Highcroft Racing team. "There are a lot of good people trying to push the cause and a lot of smart people in the industry that are willing to change the way we do things.'' So while many of the 80,000 or so fans descending upon this old airfield in rural central Florida may not be paying attention to their greenhouse gases, the racing series they'll watch couldn't be more mindful of its own. The ALMS is proving that racing can still be about fast cars, thrilling competition and also be kinder to the environment.

While NASCAR is only a season out from switching to unleaded gasoline, the ALMS was the first to introduce clean diesel, then E10 and ultimately E85 grade ethanol fuel to its grid. Last year it had an electric hybrid-powered car. It has adopted a number of other environmentally conscious programs including Michelin's Green X Challenge, an incentive race within a race, whose motto is: "if fast is good, then faster and cleaner is even better." The Green X Challenge measures the cars' fuel efficiency and environmental impact during a race to award teams on a race-by-race basis. It also declares a season champ, whose trophy is made, in part, of recycled tires. This weekend, one of the ALMS teams, Gunnar Racing, is not only running on ethanol fuel, it will be the first car to use G-Oil, a completely biodegradable motor oil approved by the American Petroleum Institute. For these initiatives and others, the ALMS is currently the only "Green Racing" series designated by the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

And as far as Brabham is concerned, the result is a broader legacy every bit as important as racing's record books. "It's making the series slightly different and it needs something to stand out, to have people interested and talking about it,'' Brabham observed. "At the end of the day it's all about sustainability and having to change rules to have sustainability. It might be painful at times, but the foundations are being put down. "It's great to see the momentum going and with the series we're fortunate to have a platform for green technology. "It's expensive, but in the long run, the next generation will be thanking this generation." To learn more about David Brabham CLICK HERE

New Photos In Our Gallery From Phyllis Nathan

Earth Flag welcomes a new friend and community member who has agreed to add to our collection of beautiful, Earth aware pictures. Her name is Phyllis Nathan, and here’s some more about her: She was born in Brooklyn, NY, attended Erasmus Hall H.S. and Brooklyn College, where she met her husband, Ronnie. A kindergarten teacher for 35 years in Staten Island (NY), Phyllis has dabbled in the creative arts throughout her life starting as a 3 year old. She used her love of the arts to guide her work life as well. Originally using a Yashica twin lens reflex in the early 70's, Phyllis and her husband did portrait photography, weddings, bar mitzvahs and Christenings on weekends to supplement the income of their growing family. Phyllis now does team pictures for her grandchildren’s soccer and baseball teams and is happy to be a guest instead of the hired help at weddings. Now retired, Phyllis enjoys travel photography and the glorious natural wonders that surround her. Under the tutelage of Nick Zungoli in NY’s Lower Hudson Valley, Phyllis has developed an interest in sharing her work with others. Her work primarily hangs in the homes of friends and family.

Integrity Research Institute

Staying relevant, Earth Flag is proud to introduce our visitors to Integrity Research Institute, an organization dedicated to "securing our future by investigating and documenting emerging energy technology that is eco-sustaining." Headed by highly respected scientist, Dr. Tom Valone, the Institute has earned its reputation by establishing integrity in scientific research surrounding alternate energies, their application and impact whether it is in the technical, human health or environmental area.

Learn the real stories about Bioenergetics, Zero Point Energy, Homopolar Generators, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (used to be called Cold Fusion). The Institute is currently featuring the most compelling evidence of the world's environmental urgency in a CO2 graph provided by Dr. Jim Hansen of NASA and pointing out that CO2 levels have risen to 385 parts per million since the graph was drawn.

Visit them now and come back for more of the world of Earth Flag and its friends. CLICK HERE TO VISIT DR. TOM VALONE'S SITE

Robert M. Weir, renowned peace advocate, writer and speaker, partners with Earth Flag to pen the official history of Earth Flag, Earth Day and John McConnell.

Earth Flag welcomes a new friend and community member who brings a plethora of information about the authentic Earth Flag and its creator, visionary John McConnell. Robert M. Weir is the author of John McConnell’s biography, Peace, Justice, Care of Earth: The Vision of John McConnell, Founder of Earth Day.

Robert M. Weir is a writer, speaker and communications consultant with experience in radio, television and the school yearbook industry. He has done work for some of the world’s major corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. He specializes in writing about people, peace, social justice, the environment and outdoor adventures. He lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, but “has laptop, will travel.”

The concept of “peace, justice, care of Earth” has been the life-long vision and mission of John McConnell, with invaluable support from his loving wife Anna. John McConnell is a man of symbols, chief among these is the Earth Flag, which he created —originally as a two-color silkscreen to show clouds and water— in 1968.

John McConnell also created the original Earth Day —celebrated on the vernal equinox— prior to the promotion and popularity of the “other” Earth Day on April 22. The story of the two Earth Days is one of the intriguing details within the biography of John McConnell that Robert Weir has crafted.

Copies of Peace, Justice, Care of Earth are available through Earth Flag here.

The Authentic Earth Flag Commissions New Earth Flag Lapel Pin! A MUST Have For Any Serious Earther!

Earth Flag has commissioned a new way to take your awareness of our planet with you anywhere you go! It's the BRAND NEW Earth Flag Lapel Pin! and if you haven't got one yet you should get one for yourself and then get a few more for your friends for the upcoming holiday gift giving season!

These attractive pins are high quality hard porcelain on metal backing and they look fantastic. Each pin carries the exact replica of The Authentic Earth Flag and appears to be waving in the wind.

You may purchase the pin stand alone at full price or you may purchase the pin at a discount rate when you purchase it along with the purchase of a flag. Both options are available using the links below and on our shopping cart. Just click "Shop Earth Flag" in the main navigation menu above or any of the links in this article and you will be taken to our Earth Mall.

You can order the Earth Flag Lapel Pin through Earth Mall by CLICKING HERE.

Chico California Sports Over 400 Earth Flags in Earth Day Celebration.

Chico, California flies more Earth flags than any place on Earth and Art For the Sky celebrated this last week with a unique tribute. The Chico Earth Flag Coalition hopes to spread their success to cities across the globe in an effort to better focus our attention on what should obviously be the Numero Uno shared planetary mission: address climate change now and come into right alignment with the Earth. This musical video is the story of Chico's effort, our creation together and a little history of the Earth Flag. May it inspire you and your town!

Click the image above to view the full length video that chronicles the Chico Earth Day Celebration and Daniel Dancer's amazing Earth Wheel Living Art!

Earth Flag and the Earth lose a dear friend

Marion B. Leonard, of Rochester, Vermont, a lifelong advocate for the Earth, Peace, healthy food and environmental sustainability died on August 14th at the age of 100. She will be missed.

Marion Boettiger Leonard was born in New York City on May 24, 1909, the daughter of Dr. Carl Boettiger, a physician, and Alice Banker Boettiger of Plattsburgh, NY. She grew up in Forest Hills (Queens) NY, and attended public schools there before graduating Penn Hall preparatory school in Chambersburg, PA and Pembroke College in Providence, RI in 1931. She met her future husband, Warren while at college.

We first "met" Marion in 1995 when we transitioned to caring for the Authentic Earth Flag. Marion headed a Long Island organization known as "Save Our World." She bought Earth Flags, awarded them to people or causes she felt were worthy and worked tirelessly to make the world a better place.

In 1997 Marion and Warren moved to Vermont, and Marion brought her personal form of activism with her. In the last few years she merged her activities with People for the Planet which ensures her legacy of caring will be continued.

Marion is survived by her two sons, William of New York, NY and Christopher of Sag Harbor, NY and her brother Edward of Rochester, VT.

For more on Marion and her life please CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE

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