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Earth Flag Ethics


The Authentic Earth Flag was born into a world experiencing both the devastating hopelessness of a hated and cruel war and the hopefulness of an emerging Earth Consciousness movement. Inspired by the first published images of our planet from outer space, the Authentic Earth Flag became an icon for the people of Earth who were awakening to the fragility of their "spaceship".

Now, four and a half decades after its creation, and the birth of Earth Day for which it first proudly waved, the Authentic Earth Flag continues to be the standard under which a growing community of earth friendly citizens of all types can find a common home. Earth Flag embraces the numerous factions in the Earth Consciousness movement along with the many ways to press for Peace. Waving an Earth Flag provides the unifiying symbol that allows traction and support to people caring for the planet in an increasingly diverse landscape that now includes everything from feeding the poor in every corner of the world to stabilizing our climate against extinction level changes.

The mission of Earth Flag and its growing community is to reconcile factionalism wherever it detracts from the collective goal of improving life for all life inhabiting The Big Blue Marble and all life which will inherit it in the future.


In recent times, it has become apparent that businesses and manufacturers need to take more responsibility for the waste and destruction our business practices continue to cause our planet to suffer from. We at Earth Flag are committed to an evolving rapport with the Earth and its peoples

Two years ago we started making all our Authentic Earth Flags from 100% recycled materials, but today we find that those materials have increased so dramatically in price that they no longer reflect what we believe should be the ethic behind the use of recycled materials.

For recycling to work, the materials handled should be able to compete in the raw material supply chain; otherwise we will only be doing something else with what used to be called "garbage".

Post-consumer recycled polyester comes from plastic soft drink bottles. The primary end use for this fiber is for carpeting. There is no "shortage in raw material supply." We are left to our own explanations as to why our material cost has increased threefold in two years. The answer, however, does not matter. If the material recycled does not compete in the raw material supply chain, then it is not recycling as we see it.

While we made a sincere attempt to bring the world recycled material Authentic Earth Flags, our primary mission remains to ensure that the Authentic Earth Flag continues as a high quality symbol for all people of Peace and the Earth Consciousness Movement.

As the Earth Flag Community continues to grow and change, we will keep you updated on new developments. If you or your company have made recent earth conscious, green or humanitarian changes we would love to post it on our website. Please email us at ADMIN @ EARTHFLAG DOT NET (spelled out to avoid robots gathering it and spamming us) and tell us about it. We are always open to feedback and suggestions so please let us know what you think!


In the course of building a global community of Earth Conscious and active individuals it becomes necessary to collect contact information from those who wish to be active in helping the planet. This information is stored on a secure server and is not available to the general public. We do not use this information for any other purpose than to send our newsletter to those who have opted into this newsletter. We also offer the ability to self unsubscribe at any time using both the website and any newsletter you may receive. We are committed to CAN-SPAM and do our part to make sure that only those who wish to receive information on Earth Conscious Progress receive it. From time to time when you make a purchase of an Authentic Earth Flag, or other products in our Earth Flag Store, we will store on a secure server certain contact information, but never any financial information, in order to process your order. Thank you.

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