This is the Only Authentic Earth Flag

Founder of the Earth Flag
John McConnell (1915-2012)

A man who, as his friend, Robert Muller, said "never gave up" on his courageous ideas as a diplomat for Earth. A man admired by pollster George Gallup, Jr., as "an idealist, a visionary, a peacemaker," a person "needed for today, for our future." A man about whom former U.S. ambassador John McDonald said is "totally dedicated and committed to the concept of peace building through the environment."

A Lifetime of Service...
The first hand-painted version of the Earth Flag was created shortly after the Apollo space launch. John along with countless others watched the the historic televised event and upon seeing what appeared to be a delicate "blue marble" and recognizing its fragility and uniqueness within the vacuum of space...created his prototype and began the basis of his vision to use this now universally recognized image to encourage greater global cooperation and unity.

"The Earth Flag is my symbol of the task before us all"

"Only in the last quarter of my life have we come to know what it means to be custodians of the future of the Earth
to know that unless we care, unless we check the rapacious exploitations of our Earth and protect it, we are endangering the future of our children and our children's children. We did not know this before, except in little pieces. People knew that they had to take care of their own ...but it was not until we saw the picture of the Earth, from the Moon, that we realized how small and how helpless this planet is - something that we must hold in our arms and care for."
Margaret Mead (co-founder), March 21, 1977

The Authentic Earth Flag is an enterprise committed to keeping the history of this symbol alive for current and future generations

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